Alerts / Notices

1/20/2022  NOTICE: At the February 15, 2021 members meeting, there are three By-law amendments being brought up for their second announcement, and subsequent vote.
• Change in a members, “years in good standing”, to be eligible to be nominated and hold an elected position, from 5 years to 3 years.
• Change of facility rental fee from $50 to $100, with a $25 “cleaned” refund.
• Change of, times per year membership can rent facility, from 1 time to 4 times per year, with availability for more with Director’s Board approval.

8/18/2020  ALERTSMembers and guests, please do not bring outside materials to use as a backstop at the shooting ranges, especially the pistol range, such as wooden pallets or skids. In the past there has been a large amount of wood chips left behind making the area unsightly. In addition, flying debris could potentially be a safety hazard.

Thank you and safe shooting, PRSC


9/1/2020  Members- The 2021 membership dues renewal period has arrived. Dues are payable from Sept. 1, 2020 thru Dec. 31, 2020


10/4/2020  NOTICE: The upper framework for the silhouette (self defense) target stands have been rebuilt.          Please be mindful when shooting. Please try to not damage the frames  Please remember to dispose of your used paper target when shooting is completed.

Thank you and safe shooting, PRSC